About us

Wadis Ltd. was founded in April 2010 within Kinrot Ventures, a technological incubator focused on
water technologies companies. Lately,since 2013, the company turned to be a private company.
The company offers efficient, low-cost and low maintenance, as well as high performance
technology for water and waste water disinfection, enables to reduce significantly the total cost
for water treatment.
Key Personnel
   Mrs. Riki Gafri, CEO
Mrs. Riki Gafri has a BA in statistics and English linguistics, Software engineer, and M.B.A.
from the College of Management, Israel, specializing in finance and Human Resource.
Gafri has 25 years of management experience in the hi-tech, and Cleantech industry where she
served as the CFO, CHR as well as a director in several high tech companies.

  Mr. Yuri Livshitz,  CTO
Mr. Yuri Livshits has a M.Sc. in Engineering from Petersburg Polytechnic University, Department
of High Voltage Technique, Russia.Yuri, a senior scientisthas filed tens of patents and has
published over 30 papers in the field of magnetic pulse power techniques. He has over 40 years
of experience in the field of Industrial pulse power technologies. He has served as the CTO
of leading pulse power companies.

   Mr. Amit Izhar, R&D Manager
Mr. Amit Izhar has a B.Sc. in Advanced Engineering, Design, Mechatronics, and Industrial
Automation from the Technion Institute of technology,  Israel, followed by more than 20 years of
consulting experience in Process Automation, Medical Devices, Pulse Power, and Hydraulics,
Holding several patents. Amit had contributed many new designs, applications, and insights
to the field of pulse power, and is author/co-author of 12 published papers on the Magnetic
Pulse phenomena and practical use.