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Welcome to WADIS

Water disinfection is one of the main stages in water and waste water treatment that ensures the killing of all hazardous microorganisms that can harm a human being. The conventional methods for water disinfection include chemical methods such as chlorine treament and ozone treatment, and physical methods such as ultraviolet treatment. Each method has its own disadvantages such as DBP's (Disinfection by Product) formation, storage, expensive maintenance and high energy consumption.

Wadis technology is a non reagents ecological method based on electrical pulse discharge in water. A  high electrical voltage discharge within water causes a strong shock wave, high light radiation including UV, high magnetic and electrical fields, ionization and polarization of molecules, cavitation and very high temperatures at the discharge canal. All these act as disinfection agents, ensuring a high performance system.

The company's unique system is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, effective in various applications and acheives a total bacteria killing while using low energy consumption.

Today, the company's main focus is on sludge disinfction and predigestion treatment. Results show significant improvement of sludge treatment costs and efficiency.
Thus, enables to upgrade existing WWTPs by increasing the existing digesters capabilities without a significant investment in infrastructure.
Wadis first demo system is working on a full scale at Kfar Saba-Hod Hasharon WWTP (30,000 m3 /day).
Second demo sysem is being installd (April 2017) at the Karmiel WWTP, under a joint project with Mekorot (the Israel National water company), and granted by the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure ($400,000).
Third demo system to be intalled at the SHAFDAN WWTP, for an advanced oxidaion  teatment applcation. It is a joint project with Mekort  in the frame of the European concortium Aquaness.